Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From Don Lapointe: Re- NWT&Y

Having served with the ol NWT&Y FROM 1950 T0 1956 THERE ARE A LOT OF THE OL GUYS STILL AROUND ie ken nickelson mem al pajack mem terry hurd mem bob elliot mem -and a lot more that missing in my memory bank at present i have a lot of slides of dawson city from our 2004 reunion and the stn at yk and simpson-a 30 min video taken from 8mm film 50 t0 59 yrs sent a copy to the QUEEN and got a nice letter back from HER but no OBE [bob elliot still runs- whats left of our sys and howie cook is still around ] i also have 3 versions of history one by cal vince and another by hank hoiland and moe lynn also a big copy of [ NOTES OF INTEREST 1953 ] AND YOU SHOULD HAVE COPIES OF ALL OF THIS STUFF as the 1983 reunion i brought all that stuff down from here along with a nice shiny 19 set made in the GUDOL USA WHY THE BRIGHT KAHKI PAINT JOB our sys was the best training field in the world fastest CW OPERATORS everyone could spur a pole run a generator pump water at 30 below put up an antenna climb a 300ft tower keep track of bush planes and boats do searchs with RCMP THATS WHY WE ALL ENDED UP IN EGYPT CONGO CYPRUS GOLAN HEIGHTS SOMOLIA-- ETC WHILE THE REST OF YOU STAYED HOME AND REAPED THE BEST OF CPL HELLIER ,S INTEGERATION ?? and promotions but few UN JAUNTS R C SIGS SAGE SWAMPY [ YOU CAN PRINT THIS IF U WISH ]