This is a call for the subject medal, an initiative of the Korean Government expressing appreciation to Canadian women and men who were in the Korean War. Eligible veterans must have served in Korea from 25 June 1950 to 27 July 1953, or participated in UN peacekeeping operations until 1955.  Note that next of kin may apply for the medal posthumously on behalf of a deceased veteran.
Please disseminate through our C&E networks. Collectively, please seek eligible veterans, or their families, and if needed assist with their application; forms are attached and instructions are at: Applications
Applications are not being vetted by Veterans’ Affairs, so there is no intent to coordinate C&E submissions. However, for awareness and archiving, please copy and applications to: Annette Gillis, Curator C&E Museum, ; C&E Branch CWO, CWO Michel Boislard, ; or Col (Ret’d) Jim Holsworth, C&E Heritage Committee, .
Proof of service in Korea can be found in a veteran’s service file, held by Library and Archives Canada. Use the following links: (instructions); and (form).
What better way to start to the 2016 C&E Heritage Theme of “UN Operations” than by commemorating those who served in the Korean campaign.