Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Motorcycle of the Dispatch Rider

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The Triumph motorcycle company began designing its 500cc TRW model in 1943, but by the time the bike went into production the Second World War was over and the British military had a surplus of motorcycles used by dispatch riders.

Many were used by the military in countries around the world, including, Canada, Germany, Holland, Pakistan and South Africa. This incredible find was at the Mid-America Motorcycle auction in Monterey last month. The pictured 1957 Triumph TRW came out of Canadian Military storage approximately 40 years ago, and has never been out of the original factory shipping crate. This twin cylinder Triumph has chrome wheel rims and gold pinstriping accenting the green paintwork. It is supplied with the complete tool kit and other accessories, including the hardbound owner's manual and sold for $34,500.

One has to wonder what its new owner will do with it. Leave it in the shipping crate making it a fantastic museum piece, or remove it and assemble it? With a mere 15 test miles added by the factory, if the new owner rides it, every mile added to the odometer would devalue it. Tough decision.

How many Sigs Club members drove one?

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