Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Memorial Armband of 9th Aug 1974

The attached photo of a Memorial Armband is manufactured by the members
of the Cpl Albert Storm, CD (Niagara) Chapter of the Canadian Association
of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping.

It is in honor of and in respect of the nine crew and passengers of UNEFME
UN Flt 51 Buffalo aircraft that was shot down without provocation on the 9th
of August 1974.

It also is a symbolic Remembrance of those Canadian Peacekeepers who,
from 1974 to date, have lost their lives in the Service of Peace.

The armband is worn on the upper left arm when on parade only on the 9th of
August - National Peacekeepers' Day.

It is designed to help quell the public's curiosity of why we parade on the
9th of August - a question even some high ranking Military personnel have
also asked.

The armband is for sale at $10 plus shipping. No taxes, no profit and no
restrictions to either serving or retired Military/Police personnel or any
member of the public who desires to honor our Peacekeepers in a like

It is not a CAVUNP item of dress.

73sDon Bowman, CD UE
Displaying Memorial Armband.jpg

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